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There are different types of accommodation available close to the race area: hotel, caravan park, camp site and shared dormitory type accommodation (at school gym hall). Please see information for booking below. Please note that booking for hotel is to be done directly at the hotel using codes mentioned below.



Långvik Congress Wellness hotel

Address: Tanskarlantie 9, 02420 Kirkkonummi.
Tel: +358 (0)9 2959 9301, e-mail: reception(at)langvik.fi
Room prices:
100 €/single room/night
110 €/twin room/night
Extra bed 30 €/night
Reservation code is 1507KANTVI

Distance from Långvik to harbor areas is approximately 20 minutes by car. Accommodation includes free spa, gym and buffet breakfast. The hotel also has a guest harbor and you can arrive by your own boat, ask for more information from reception.

Spa Hotel Rantasipi Siuntio

Address: Lepopirtintie 80, 02570 Siuntio
Tel: +358 (0)9 260 600, e-mail: siuntio.rantasipi(at)restel.fi
Room prices:
70 €/single room/night, no balcony
80 €/twin room/night, no balcony
80 €/single room/night, with balcony
90 €/twin room/night, with balcony
Extra bed 30 €/night
Reservation code is JNOM2015.

Bookings via Hotellimaailma www.hotellimaailma.fi/en using code JNOM2015 or by e-mail
myynti.siuntio(at)restel.fi or siuntio.rantasipi(at)restel.fi.

Distance from Siuntio to harbour areas is approximately 25 minutes by car. Accommodation
includes free sauna, swimming pool, gym and buffet breakfast.

KN Keskus

Address: Opistotie 21, 02550 Kirkkonummi, approximately 1/2 hour drive to the harbours
Tel: +358 449168098
http://www.knkeskus.eu/index_eng.shtml, reservation@knkeskus.eu

Aparthotel Kivenlahti

Address: Tyrskyvuori 4, 02320 Espoo, approximately 20 minute drive to the harbours
Tel: +358 20 198 3420 (customer service)


Address: Kopparnäsintie 428, 10160 Degerby, approximately 20 minute drive to the harbours
Tel: +358 9 295 9650
http://www.kupariniemi.fi (in Finnish), kestikievari@kolumbus.fi

Other hotels nearby

There are also plenty of hotels available nearby Kirkkonummi e.g.
Espoo http://www.visitespoo.fi/en/find/#hotels and
Helsinki http://www.visithelsinki.fi/en/stay-and-enjoy/accommodation

You can also try searching for hotels in Espoo and Helsinki in for example http://www.booking.com, http://www.ebookers.com, http://www.trivago.com and http://www.hotels.com.


Kantvikin purjehtijat will provide a camping area for caravans.

The caravan area is located in Nordig Sugar’s parking place, address: Sokeritehtaantie 170,
02460 Kantvik. Price is 15 €/night/caravan, including electricity.

Booking in advance, no later than June 5th 2015. For booking please email jnom@kantvikinpurjehtijat.fi

SunCamping is a camping area in Espoo, approximately 1/2 hour drive to the harbours. They have camping space for caravans, tents and also a possibility to stay in a 2- or 4-person cottage. For more information, please visit http://www.suncamping.fi/Front-page.

Dormitory accommodation at school gym hall

It is also possible to sleep at Kantvikin Koulu gym hall. This requires adult presence from each team using the accommodation. Facilities: electricity, toilets and showers (no cooking allowed or possible). Price is 10€/night/person.

Booking in advance, no later than June 5th 2015. For booking please email jnom@kantvikinpurjehtijat.fi


Guest harbor

There is guest harbour mooring at Race harbor A, Hupisaari. Address: Sokeritehtaantie 151/Hupisaarentie 1, Kantvik, Kirkkonummi. Price is 20€/boat/night including water and electricity.

Booking in advance, no later than June 5th 2015. For booking please email jnom@kantvikinpurjehtijat.fi